that machines understand

Solid competence and state of the art equipment are our everyday tools. We achieve the ultimate flexibility and the capability of optimization for every production process, adapting to the needs and characteristics of our Customers.


Our ability and flexibility allows us to dialogue with any company, in any productive sector and research.


Thanks to the remarkable specialization of our business units, we are able to play in small and large industrial markets with diverse application areas, developing control systems in various sectors:


Food machinery

Significant experience in the design and production of electronic controls from basic to advanced, to manage industrial equipment in the food sector.

Telecommunications and control

We had an early start in the design of innovative solutions of unmatched efficacy for the industrial supervision and monitoring, using all wireless technologies available, such as: WiFi, Powerline, Bluetooth, GSM, NFC.


We design and produce systems for thermoregulation. The intelligent management of temperature allows a regulation based on the real need of the end user.

Home automation

Integrated systems for building control and safety. Based on all wireless technology, we allow integrated and coordinated control of all installations and building networks.

User interface

We design and produce simple and complex user interfaces for HMI. From mechanical keyboards to OS­based touch screens.

Aging plants

Basic and advaced controls to manage all operation of static or ventilated cells, with combined control of temperature and humidity.

LED lighting

Solutions for the control of LED lighting. Our technology provides commercial grade DIMMING, energy efficient solutions and complex control options: DALI interface, Powerline, 0­10v, DMX, NFC.

3-axis motors

Controls for stepper motors, cartesian axes and 3D printing..